Student Property (PBSA)

Student Property (PBSA)

All-round management service for your Purpose Built Student Accommodation.

Global Facilities provides reactive, planned and project works across all property sectors.

Student Accommodation Services

We deliver an all-round management service for your Purpose Built Student Accommodation.

Our facilities management company understands the importance of maintaining a smooth-running student living service – it’s important that students are taken care of and that their living space is safe and well-managed for that extra peace of mind. We recognise student needs and demands, and can take care of everything, from the exterior grounds’ maintenance to the cleaning of communal spaces and everything in between.

Student Accommodation services

The Services We Offer:

We provide regular cleaning services for student accommodation, to keep student rooms and halls in their best conditions. Our student accommodation cleaning includes floor mopping, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more.

We can also offer security services for student accommodation, to ensure safety for both students and staff. Whether it's on-site security staff or CCTV you're after, we can provide quality student accommodation security for your student residence.

Global Facilities can provide waste management services to efficiently take care of all student waste in the accommodation. As an eco-friendly business, we can ensure that our waste management services deal with all student waste in the most eco-friendly way, benefiting both students and the environment.

Taking care of the local grounds is also essential for student accommodation. We offer grounds maintenance services, that include cutting lawns, weed removal and trimming down hedges, to name a few.

Need an overhaul in your student accommodation? We can provide refurbishment services, which include electrical work, plumbing, decorating, plastering and furniture replacement.

We recognise that making students feel at home is of utmost importance when living away from home. We can provide high-quality furniture and equipment for student accommodation, that fits student needs and makes them feel right at home. Need mattresses? We regularly source and supply quality mattresses for student accommodation, from one of the UK's leading mattress manufacturers.

We can offer compliance-checks to ensure that student accommodation is fitting to current regulations. Our compliance inspections include gas and electrical checks, fire safety inspections and hygiene checks, to ensure that student accommodation is being operated at the highest standards.


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Student Accommodation Management FAQs:

We've done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about student accommodation management below:

Purpose-built student accommodation (or PBSA) is housing designed by private developers, and built specifically made for student residency. Student housing usually includes individual bedrooms for students, and shared communal areas such as lounges and kitchens where students can socialise. The accommodation often includes facilities such as pool tables and games rooms, which students can frequent in-between study.

A student accommodation manager effectively oversees the living quarters for student accommodation. This usually includes making sure that the accommodation fits adequate living standards for students, seeing to any maintenance issues that may arise, and dealing with complaints from residents.