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About Global Facilities

Who we are...

Global Facilities provides a range of services to keep your business running safely, smoothly and efficiently. Our company does it all – cleaning services, building maintenance, waste recycling and even coffee and catering solutions. Our Facilities services are focused on you, to meet and exceed your bespoke requirements and provide a complete package.

We’re proud to be a part of Global Group, an award-winning multi-national organisation who launched in 2009. They began with a strong mission – to create a workplace supplies company that would not just save your company money, but reduce the negative impact you have on the environment too. Through growth and acquisitions, they supply businesses across the UK with not only Facilities Management, but all workplace solutions, including industrial and office supplies, as well as branded merchandise and workwear.

Be part of the Global cleanup

250 million tonnes of harmful waste and emissions are created by UK offices every year. It is Global Facilities mission to help reduce this figure one office at a time!

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Go green with Global

We love the world we live in, but sadly every year 250 million tonnes of harmful waste and emissions are created by UK businesses, thus it is our mission to help reduce this figure one business at a time. Our ‘Sustainable Business Team’ of specially trained advisors are here to help turn your business into a global-friendly working environment.

We’re on hand to help you make simple sustainable switches, like supplying eco-friendly office supplies and installing LED lighting, or we can provide a full consultation to help improve your eco-credentials and practices.

Our approved contractors

Using accredited contractors is key and a core fundamental for us to deliver a high-quality service. Firstly, engaging accredited contractors guarantees that we are working with professionals who possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise in their respective fields. These contractors have undergone rigorous training and certification processes, making them well-equipped to handle various aspects of facility management, such as maintenance, repairs, and installations. Their specialised expertise ensures that our clients' facilities are in capable hands, leading to efficient and effective management.

Secondly, utilising accredited contractors enhances the reputation and credibility of our company. By partnering with recognised and certified professionals, we demonstrate our commitment to delivering top-notch services and maintaining industry standards. Accreditation serves as a validation of our dedication to quality, professionalism, and adherence to best practices. This not only instils confidence in our clients but also distinguishes us from competitors who may not prioritise the use of accredited contractors. Ultimately, our reputation for excellence in Facility Management is bolstered by the expertise and credibility of the contractors and our internal teams.