Office Refurbishment

Office Refurbishment

Creating an inspiring workspace to suit your team and enhance staff productivity.

Global Facilities provides reactive, planned and project works across all property sectors.

Office Refurbishments

Office refurbishment specialists to inspire your workplace

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for flexible working, there has been a huge shift in what makes an office environment fit-for-purpose. There’s now a desire for more open and collaborative spaces that engage and inspire employees. Global Facilities can completely fit-out your new office or refurbish an existing space, creating a synergy between exceptional design, your company vision and the team’s unique requirements.

Everyone wants a comfortable work environment, and our office refurbs are designed with you in mind. We can assist in the structural overhaul of your existing office, such as wall and ceiling modifications, or installing new flooring to create a more aesthetically pleasing work environment. Or if you’re ready for a fresh start, we can provide a complete fit-out for a brand new office space.

Global Facilities offer a comprehensive range of office refurb and fit-out services, which include renovations to floors, walls and ceilings, painting and decorating services, rewiring electrics, adding new sustainable office furniture, and more.

Refurbishment specialists

We can design and create a workspace that will:

Our Office Refurbishment Services

If you’re going to invest in office refurbishments, you ideally want to work with a team of experts who can provide a top-tier service for your business. At Global Facilities, we’re connected with some of the industry’s leading office refurbishment companies.

From planning, through to design and implementation, we can offer a complete overhaul of your current office layout or we can provide a fit-out, if you’re starting something new.

Here is just a handful of what we can provide for your office refurbishment…

We design, plan and implement your new office layouts. Our office designs are aesthetically-pleasing and tailored to your requirements, to create a happy and comfortable work environment for your staff.

Simple things such as choosing the right colours for your office can have a noticeable effect on your staff’s workplace happiness – which makes having an aesthetically-pleasing office space so vital for your business.


Our decorating services include the preparation of surfaces, through to wallpapering and painting.

Our quality flooring services include sanding, staining, refinishing, waxing, sealing, and polishing. As part of our eco-friendly commitment, we also use environmentally-friendly products to minimise environmental impact.

Before working in a newly-renovated office space, it's important that any wiring required is dealt with by industry-trained electricians, with expertise in the field. Tasks include installing new lighting, replacing old wires, and implementing new wiring, to meet the needs of your new office environment.


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About Us

Since its founding in 2009, Global Facilities has proven itself as an industry-leading facilities management company – outsourcing services in a wide range of industries. These include building maintenancecommercial cleaning and IT services, to name a few.

We pride ourselves on being connected with some of the highest-rated professionals in these industries, and as a result have become recognised as one of the UK’s go-to facility management companies.

We’re also proud to be a part of the award-winning Global Group – an organisation founded to not only help workplaces save on facility costs, but to help them go more eco-friendly.

At a time when 250 million tonnes worth of harmful waste and emissions are created by workplace environments on a yearly basis, we felt that it was our mission to help reduce this with each business we work with – even by using small simple methods, such as providing eco-friendly office supplies or providing LED lighting.

Whatever you require, we’re here to help you get what you need for your business.

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Office Refurbishment FAQs:

We've done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about office refurbishment below:

An office refurbishment is the renovation of an already-existing office space.

Renovations can include electrical rewiring, painting walls and ceilings, replacing office furniture, installing new flooring, plumbing and plastering, and more.

Office refurbishments are important, as the appearance and usability of an office space plays a big part in the happiness of office workers. Investing in quality decor and office furniture will create an office environment that's both comfortable and pleasing for staff, boosting work performance as a result.