Storage & Shredding

Storage & Shredding

Confidential storage and destroying of your documents to protect your business data.

Global Facilities provides reactive, planned and project works across all property sectors.

Storage & Shredding

Confidential storage and shredding services

If you hold physical documents on-site, there’s a chance you’re posing a threat to data compliance. Our facilities company can provide completely confidential solutions, from safe and temperature-controlled storage units to the secure and confidential disposal of documents.

If it’s storage you’re seeking, your documents will be held in a safe secure facility, protected from unauthorised access, theft or destruction. They’ll also be inside a temperature-controlled environment, to keep preservation of the documents.

For shredding services, your documents will be securely shredded inside the facility, giving you peace of your mind that these confidential documents can never be obtained or read. The shredding and disposal will also be done in an eco-friendly way, making it better for the environment.

Document shredding

Our storage and shredding solutions can:


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Since its founding in 2009, Global Facilities has proven itself as an industry-leading facilities management company – outsourcing services in a wide range of industries. These include building maintenancecommercial cleaning and IT services, to name a few.

We pride ourselves on being connected with some of the highest-rated professionals in these industries, and as a result have become recognised as one of the UK’s go-to facility management companies.

We’re also proud to be a part of the award-winning Global Group – an organisation founded to not only help workplaces save on facility costs, but to help them go more eco-friendly.

At a time when 250 million tonnes worth of harmful waste and emissions are created by workplace environments on a yearly basis, we felt that it was our mission to help reduce this with each business we work with – even by using small simple methods, such as providing eco-friendly office supplies or providing LED lighting.

Whatever you require, we’re here to help you get what you need for your business.

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Storage and Shredding FAQs:

We've done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about document shredding and storage below:

The best place to shred paper is a professional document shredding service. These paper shredding services store in safe secure units, and ensure large amounts of paper can be quickly and efficiently shredded, so no confidential information can be obtained. They also hire staff who know who are trained in document security, so you know you're in good hands.

Typically prices for shredding services can be anywhere between £15–£35 per box/sack, but it would depend on the company providing the service.

At Global Facilities, we can offer competitive prices for your storage and shredding needs.

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